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The state of Nevada holds over
$800,000,000 in unclaimed property.

Check now to see if some of it belongs to you!

If you’ve ever moved to a new job or home and forgotten to update your address, changed insurance companies, etc., then some of this money could be yours. When property is abandoned, businesses are required to report it to the State Treasurer’s office, which works hand-in-hand with those businesses to reunite the property with its rightful owners or heirs. As a mere custodian, the Nevada Treasury takes no percentage of these funds.
Last year, over $37,000,000 in unclaimed property was returned. Claim your cash today!
Helpful hints for finding YOUR money!

The information that you are searching in our database comes directly from the company that originally held your money. The company fills out the report that includes your information and uploads it into our system. We are all human, and sometimes mistakes do happen.
So, here are some hints for finding what is yours!

Is either your first or last name commonly misspelled?
Have you ever changed your last name?
Does your last name have an apostrophe in it?
Do you commonly go by your middle name?
Ever own a business?
Do you commonly go by a first name different than your legal name or a nickname?
See something that might be yours, but the company doesn't look familiar?

No one likes to think about having lost family members, but if you can think of anyone who has passed, whose money would pass down to you, search for their names. Unclaimed property passes with rights of succession, just like any other property. With the right documentation, you can also collect inheritance that is due to you.

Nevada Uncalimed Property
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Nevada Unclaimed Property works hand-in-hand with both Holders and Claimants to receive and distribute money and property back to where it belongs.

Nevada Unclaimed Property is a division of The Office of the State Treasurer of Nevada. is owned by the Nevada State Treasurer to promote awareness of unclaimed property. For more information, email

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